Church Council

The Church Council at Living Lord is made up of dedicated leaders who use their individual talents to develop the ministry of Living Lord Lutheran Church. The Council is responsible for setting church policy, making financial decisions, and spiritual oversight of the church. The congregation votes to elect the Church Council at the annual meeting. If you have someone you would like to nominate for the Church Council or have any questions or suggestions for the Council, please contact the church office at (636) 327-PRAY (7729).


 2017 Living Lord Church Council

krisw     Congreation Council Secretary  Leslee Demien      briann     Vice President  Mark Messmer

 Caring Ministries - Kris Ward                 Council Secretary - Leslie Demein                 Worship & Music - Briann Hoefel                  President - Mark Messmer


debbies     Life Stages Ministries  Mindy Carmichael      Finance Officer Don Seaton     nadine

Vice President - Debbie Schroeder-Saulnier   Life Stages Ministries - Stephanie Peters        Finance Officer - Don Seaton          Discipleship Ministries - Nadine Sweigart


Ministry Support - Russ Leesmann