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40 Words in 40 Days

40 Words in 40 Days

We live with words. We are such verbal people. Words define our relationships with others. Words communicate our intentions and affections. Words can bring people close or push people away. Words can influence, encourage, comfort, anger and enrage. Words have power. The way we use our words is more important than most people consciously realize.


The idea behind our theme, 40 Words in 40 Days, is there are some pretty familiar “Christian” words that we may use often or hear frequently, but when asked, “What does that word mean?” we may stumble to give it a full expression. So our list includes Grace, Mercy, Vocation, Ransom, God’s Will, Christ, Mediator, Sanctification, Righteousness, Confession, Discipleship, Faith, Humility, Lamentation, and more... Each day we will consider a Word used in the Bible and see what it means to us.


I hope our reflection on these words will help to ground our lives in the promises of God.  Because after all, when God spoke the words, “Let there be...” in the book of Genesis, the creation of all things sprang forth. When God spoke Love into the world Jesus became human.


These words of God are definitive and formative for our lives.


See what these words mean to you and then, let’s talk about them (using our best words).


Pastor Roy Christell

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