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Video of the Week: Come to the Table - Sidewalk Prophets


Music stirs the heart and mind.  Each week we will be posting a music video that illustrates who we are at Living Lord. 

"Come to the Table" speaks the heart of what Living Lord is: a place where ALL are welcome.  The Table is a place of comfort, inspiration, remembrance, forgivenes, nourishment and more. Each time we share in the bread and the wine, we do so as a community focused on loving God and each other.

We invite you to dwell inside the music and words and then share with us what you hear.


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Upcoming Discipleship Workshop: May 1st

Join us for our next Discipleship Workshop on May 1st. Rev. Linda Anderson -Little will be leading the workshop and will be focusing on the following topics:

Deepening our relationship with God

Developing spirituality in everyday life

Embracing new spiritual practices

The workshop will be located in the Fellowship Room from 6:00 to 9:00pm on May 1st.  Dinner will be provided.  If would like to attend please contact Mandy Hilger ( or sign up in the Welcoming Space.

About Rev. Linda Anderson- Little:

Linda Anderson-Little serves as the part-time Interim Associate Pastor and Director of Pastoral Care at Lutheran Church of the Atonement in Florissant, MO. Linda has been an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America since 1989 and she has served congregations in Detroit, Kansas City and St. Louis. Linda is working toward a Certificate of Spiritual Direction at Aquinas Institute of Theology, and is also in training to become a Prayer Companion for theSpiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of LoyolathroughThe Bridges Foundation in St. Louis. She serves on the Board of The Prosperity Shop, the business arm of The Blessing Basket Project, which works to end global poverty by paying artisans in Asian and Africa Prosperity Wages®; a model which creates the working capital artisans need to start their own business and transform their families and communities. Linda is married to the Rev. Dr. Dan Anderson-Little, a pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  They have 3 young adult children.

In the fall of 2016, Linda published her first book, Motherhood Calling: Experiencing God in Everyday Family Life, which shares humor and insights about the sacredness of daily life, the spiritual wisdom of children, and the presence of the holy in the mundane, joyful and sometimes painful events of daily life (including her battle with breast cancer). She is passionate about helping people see all life as Sacramental by encouraging people to notice “God-sightings” and to recognize the presence of the holy hidden in the ordinariness of our everyday.

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More than 7 million people in South Sudan need humanitarian assistance as a result of drought and renewed violence.

The ELCA is working with others to deliver immediate famine relief. In addition to these efforts, our church continues its long-term commitment to cultivating sustainable food security and sustained ministry with the people of South Sudan to build resilient and empowered communities.


Read More on the ELCA Web Site HERE!

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Every good and perfect gift...

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17


It is almost 2017. I know many would have to look back at 2016 and say it was a tough year. I would probably be one of those who agree.


This Fall we started homeschooling my daughter. This brought all kinds of challenges: wedging in 4-5 hours a day of a new activity five days a week, getting into a routine (still not there), butting heads with your student, separating being parent and teacher, and many more. It has been a year of frustrations and questions for me personally and in work. I have seen so many struggle this year with loss and hopelessness. Each week seemed to bring a new national or international crisis; not to mention a political season most would soon like to forget. But in those tough times, I think that some really cool and amazing revelations can come to light. Through the challenges of homeschooling I have learned a lot about myself and my daughter. I have seen her grow and realized more and more what she needs from us as parents and educators to help her be even more successful.


I have realized I need structure in my life (when my wife reads this she will probably faint). From my physical frustrations I am seeing a plan developing and a vision of how much better things could and should be. These things give me hope and confidence in 2017. God has blessed me with so many gifts and opportunities. He did not give to make life easy. He gave them to be used for something greater than myself. To be used in times of adversity and trial to sustain and help me grow. God is unflinching in His perseverance. His Will be done. I pray that your 2017 be filled with an awareness of God’s presence in your life and insight in how you can bring his Hope, Love and Light into this world that all too often is obscured in shadowy messes.


God Bless.

Chad Ryberg

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A little note from Mandy

A little note from me…Mandy Hilger, Director of Discipleship Ministries


 It is a New Year…Where did this past year go.  The older I get the faster the time flies. This year I have hope to delve deeper in prayer and ministry. I pray that God will set me on a right path to do His will.


I watched a movie recently about Mother Teresa, “The Letters”. In this story of Mother Teresa’s life and dedication to people of the lowest caste system in India, lepers, poorest of the poor, unwanted, unloved, outcast, sick and the dying, she writes letters, which are filled with darkness. “The darkness of the night of the Soul”. Could this doubt, this cloud of darkness that she experienced be from fear, or as it is written in 2 Corinthians 4:8 “We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.”? I believe she was living out Paul’s message to the Corinthians. She was a living example of love.


Does this doubt do something extraordinary by turning the doubt into a deep understanding of herself and the faith that God has planted inside of her? Does this doubt actually grow her faith but sending her to her knees so that she becomes engrossed in her prayer life and relationship with our God the Father?


Her humble life and life’s work truly exemplified the light of Christ in her. She was a woman who was determined to do the will of God and to show God’s mercy to the least of these.


I pray this New Year that God who dwells richly in each of us that He will guide us and show us how we too can become disciples of mercy and compassion to the least of these. Go and do His will and follow is great Command to love one another.


Blessings and Peace,


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"Our" Church

A little note from me…Mandy Hilger, Director of Discipleship Ministries


We just had our Fall Kick-Off, Church-wide picnic. It was a great day, food, fun, fellowship at the work of many volunteers. To have such a successful event it takes the help of many people serving our church family.


So, how many of you provide volunteer hours to help “our” church family flourish and grow? You noticed I said “our church”. I think that many people do not recognize or identify with calling the church “our” church. The church is not a country club where others serve us but rather we as the body of Christ are here to serve each other. The Pastors cannot do it all….they need our hands to help serve.


The purpose of our staff at Living Lord is to coordinate ministries, help equip and train people and assist in the expansion of our work…so we need you. We need all of us working together. I heard people say, “Well I did my share” or “I did that before” or “Someone else can do it” or “Get the youth to do it” or “Get the young adults to do it”. 


Some folks feel they are too old to help in any significant way. But I say, you are never too old to pray…we have a prayer team…you are never too old to be a mentor to someone younger, you are never too old to help fold our newsletters and Son Times and bulletins, you are never too old to talk to someone who is hurting, Stephen Ministry. I guess this is my point; it takes all of us to help “our” church flourish and grow. Talk with Amy Lynn Hollis about how you can help with “our” Children and Family Ministry. Talk with Chad Ryberg about how you can help with “our” Youth and Family Ministry. Talk with Pastor Roy or Kris Ward about how you can help with “our” Caring Ministries. Talk with Pastor Jim and Lori Gerlt about “our” Worship and Music Ministries and talk with Nadine Schwaigert or me about how you might connect with “our” many ministries of Discipleship. We all need your help.


We have ministries that help to make us operational internally and we have ministries which go beyond our doors. All are important so that others may see the light of Christ dwelling richly in us.


Amy Lynn Hollis and I will be attending a workshop on “Mobilizing a New Breed of Volunteers”. It is our hope to gain new insight as to how we can better encourage folks to take responsibility for “our” church and how they can be a conduit to change and growth among people in and outside of “our” church.


Blessings and Peace ,


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Hands on the wall

Is youth ministry important?  Seems like a strange question for the youth person to be posing but let’s go with it.  The obvious answer for me is yes, of course it is important. I can relate all kinds of reasons why it is important and even cite research to back it up.


It equips youth to minister to others now.

It gives them a support structure they need now.

It helps keep youth involved in the church when they become older.

It shows them the church is more than just coming on for worship.

And on and on.  Lots of reasons.


But last week I was reminded of the best reason: it reminds us that we are the Body of Christ. Last Sunday was our Messy Event behind the church.  Usually we roll middle school and high school youth groups into this one event for the day.  But some of the high schoolers hinted they would show up at 5:30 so being me, we had high school youth after the Messy Event.


And it was awesome.  We had two more graduates put their hands on the wall.  We sat around and told stories from over the past few years.  We shared laughter.  We shared a few tears.  It was clear that this group of teens were more than just friends.  They are connected.


As we sat there talking, Tom and I shared the stories and lives of the youth and adults whose hands came before them:

               Evan Leacox is now in Senegal with the peace Corps.

               Allie Fletcher is a teacher and has a daughter who just turned 1.

               Mandy Zoelzer just got married and her brother Mitch who is a school administrator out West.

               Ken Carrothers is a pastor now.

And on and on.  Each has impacted our lives.  Each a part of the Church.


Too often we get bogged down in our daily struggles. We see life as a personal struggle and too often the same is true of our faith.  We need community.  We need to gather with others who share our belief in a Risen Savior and a Just and Merciful God.  We have to be with those we can share our laughter and tears.  This is why I think youth ministry is so important.  It is a place to experience and share God with others and be reminded WE ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST.  Now.



Chad Ryberg

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