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Bonus Words!

Some Bonus Words (In our 40 Words in 40 Days Emphasis)


STEWARDSHIP – We have been blessed and gifted. We have been showered with resources individually and as a congregation. Our response to God in the use and sharing of those resources is called STEWARDSHIP. Through October and November we will be inviting people to consider specifically and intentionally their financial response to God’s Faithfulness and Love. During the weekends of November 12/13 and 19/20 we will receive people’s statement of intention. Please prayerfully consider your stewardship response and challenge yourself to grow in your giving and sharing.   As God pours the blessings in we are called by that Grace to pass the blessings along.


INVITATION – Have you ever received an invitation to a party? Surely you have. As a more extroverted person, my heart starts beating faster when I receive an invitation to get together with others for a celebration. (Regardless of whether it is for a wedding, birthday or just a gathering of friends) Even if I can’t go I appreciate being thought of, remembered, valued and intentionally invited. There are people in your life; neighbors, friends, work partners, even acquaintances who need to know the love and grace of God is for them. Even if they cannot come. Even if they worship somewhere else. Even if they are not interested at this time. Please intentionally invite them to join to you in worship, in Christian fellowship, in study. Your invitation will say they are known by God, loved by God, valued by God. In these days that intentional invitation may be just what they need to hear at that moment. It may touch their hearts now or later.  God will use your invitation to do the work of grace.


SOLIDARITY – This is a great word. It has come to mean standing together, standing with, joining our strength (or weakness) with that of another. Living Lord Church is standing in SOLIDARITY with all the people of Bethany College and Lindsborg, Kansas. They have been the target of hateful racist messages and threats. We wrote messages, prayers and encouragements to this community (in worship on September 24 & 25). We promised to pray for them. I am asking everyone at Living Lord Church to stand in SOLIDARITY with those who work to include all people. Encourage people who give themselves for the uplift of others. Stand against hate and prejudice. Pray that God will give us eyes to see and a sense of responsibility to one another that all people may grow in the blessings of this world and this nation.

As the fall season changes the leaves of the trees into beautiful and diverse color, may our hearts and lives be changed and transformed by the amazing grace of God and the call to follow Jesus in all things.

Pastor Roy

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