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Hands on the wall

Is youth ministry important?  Seems like a strange question for the youth person to be posing but let’s go with it.  The obvious answer for me is yes, of course it is important. I can relate all kinds of reasons why it is important and even cite research to back it up.


It equips youth to minister to others now.

It gives them a support structure they need now.

It helps keep youth involved in the church when they become older.

It shows them the church is more than just coming on for worship.

And on and on.  Lots of reasons.


But last week I was reminded of the best reason: it reminds us that we are the Body of Christ. Last Sunday was our Messy Event behind the church.  Usually we roll middle school and high school youth groups into this one event for the day.  But some of the high schoolers hinted they would show up at 5:30 so being me, we had high school youth after the Messy Event.


And it was awesome.  We had two more graduates put their hands on the wall.  We sat around and told stories from over the past few years.  We shared laughter.  We shared a few tears.  It was clear that this group of teens were more than just friends.  They are connected.


As we sat there talking, Tom and I shared the stories and lives of the youth and adults whose hands came before them:

               Evan Leacox is now in Senegal with the peace Corps.

               Allie Fletcher is a teacher and has a daughter who just turned 1.

               Mandy Zoelzer just got married and her brother Mitch who is a school administrator out West.

               Ken Carrothers is a pastor now.

And on and on.  Each has impacted our lives.  Each a part of the Church.


Too often we get bogged down in our daily struggles. We see life as a personal struggle and too often the same is true of our faith.  We need community.  We need to gather with others who share our belief in a Risen Savior and a Just and Merciful God.  We have to be with those we can share our laughter and tears.  This is why I think youth ministry is so important.  It is a place to experience and share God with others and be reminded WE ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST.  Now.



Chad Ryberg

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