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A little note from me…Mandy Hilger, Director of Discipleship Ministries


We just had our Fall Kick-Off, Church-wide picnic. It was a great day, food, fun, fellowship at the work of many volunteers. To have such a successful event it takes the help of many people serving our church family.


So, how many of you provide volunteer hours to help “our” church family flourish and grow? You noticed I said “our church”. I think that many people do not recognize or identify with calling the church “our” church. The church is not a country club where others serve us but rather we as the body of Christ are here to serve each other. The Pastors cannot do it all….they need our hands to help serve.


The purpose of our staff at Living Lord is to coordinate ministries, help equip and train people and assist in the expansion of our work…so we need you. We need all of us working together. I heard people say, “Well I did my share” or “I did that before” or “Someone else can do it” or “Get the youth to do it” or “Get the young adults to do it”. 


Some folks feel they are too old to help in any significant way. But I say, you are never too old to pray…we have a prayer team…you are never too old to be a mentor to someone younger, you are never too old to help fold our newsletters and Son Times and bulletins, you are never too old to talk to someone who is hurting, Stephen Ministry. I guess this is my point; it takes all of us to help “our” church flourish and grow. Talk with Amy Lynn Hollis about how you can help with “our” Children and Family Ministry. Talk with Chad Ryberg about how you can help with “our” Youth and Family Ministry. Talk with Pastor Roy or Kris Ward about how you can help with “our” Caring Ministries. Talk with Pastor Jim and Lori Gerlt about “our” Worship and Music Ministries and talk with Nadine Schwaigert or me about how you might connect with “our” many ministries of Discipleship. We all need your help.


We have ministries that help to make us operational internally and we have ministries which go beyond our doors. All are important so that others may see the light of Christ dwelling richly in us.


Amy Lynn Hollis and I will be attending a workshop on “Mobilizing a New Breed of Volunteers”. It is our hope to gain new insight as to how we can better encourage folks to take responsibility for “our” church and how they can be a conduit to change and growth among people in and outside of “our” church.


Blessings and Peace ,


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