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Senior Pastor Lines

As I read the Scripture, it is clear to me from beginning to end that God's intent is to walk alongside the children of creation. Even our sin and rebellion cannot dissuade God from this purpose again and again. The Old Testament tells the story of God's walk with Abraham and Sarah, their descendants, the kings and prophets. God is the ever present God. Immanuel is the name given to the prophet Isaiah. Then at the crossroad of time, the Lord God took on our flesh to be physically present with us for a time in order to reveal the very heart of God. Jesus said as He walked among us, "Love one another as I have loved you." "You will be My witnesses to the end of the earth." "Let your light so shine that people see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven."


I'd like to put a word over the next year of our life and ministry at Living Lord. It flows from the word used to describe the Holy Spirit, "Paraclete." It has been translated "counselor or advocate." It can be translated "one who walks beside." The word for the coming year is Accompaniment. My sister played the flute. Whenever she played a solo she usually had someone "accompany" her on piano. The person played alongside her, complementing and supporting her music.


Jesus sends us to go alongside people when they're in need, when they're in grief, when they're celebrating, when they're in transition we are sent to accompany them. People in our congregational family and people beyond this family system. We can grow up with others as they discover how God is with them. We can accompany them as they read and dwell in the Scriptures. We are called and sent to a ministry of Accompaniment, to work together for mercy and justice. So in the coming 12 months let's be aware of how we are graced and gifted and called and sent by God and a ministry of Accompaniment.


Pastor Roy

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