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What is coming in early 2017 for the Pastor's Forum?

When Jesus turned and saw [two disciples of John the Baptist] following, He said to them,

“What are you looking for?”

John 1:37

What Keeps Us Going?


Happy New Year!  What kind of year will it be?  “What keeps us going as disciples?,” asks the retired Archbishop of Canterbury and scholar, Rowan Williams.  I am looking forward to exploring some of Williams’ wise and plain-spoken answers, along with other Living Lord disciples this January and February.  Here is the plan:

PASTOR’S FORUM (Sundays at 9:45 am)


January 8 (Epiphany Sunday) a new year.  Gospel of Matthew.

Guest:  Pr. Rebecca Boardman, Lutheran Campus Ministry STL

6-week book study:

Rowan Williams Being Disciples:  Essentials of the Christian Life   (Eerdmans, 2016)

January 15 (Epiphany 2) Chapter 1 BEING DISCIPLES

January 22 (Epiphany 3) Chapter 2 FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE

January 29 (Epiphany 4) Chapter 3 FORGIVENESS

February 5 (Epiphany 5) Chapter 4 HOLINESS

February 12 (Epiphany 6) Chapter 5 FAITH IN SOCIETY

February 19 (Epiphany 7) Chapter 6 LIFE IN THE SPIRIT

          February 26 (Transfiguration Sunday) a pre-Lent topic TBD.


All are welcome.  Each week’s topic can stand alone—come as you are able.

The book will also be available for other individuals and small groups.

Shalom in the New Year,

Pastor Jim

Jesus said to [two of John the Baptist’s disciples], “Come and see.” …

Philip said to [Nathaniel], “Come and see.”

John 1:39, 46

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