Marriage Enrichment

Although many of us spend a great deal of time and effort educating ourselves in preparation for our life's work, few of us spend more than a few hours (usually as a requirement of the marrying pastor) learning about how to spend the rest of our lives together with another human being. Typically, our marriage "education" comes from observing those around us, along with the advice we receive while greeting our guests as a newly married couple after the wedding and at the reception. The material we cover in our Marriage Enrichment class provides key insights into successful marriages, identifies ways to improve communication between men and women and teaches us how to serve one another as husband and wife. By participating in this class you will gain a better understanding of the relationship between a man and woman in marriage, our relationship with God and the unconditional love of Jesus. You may also find that the information obtained in this class improves your ability to communicate more effectively at work.

Concepts for Marriage Enrichment are reviewed primarily from resources such as The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work and Love and Respect.  Your participation will be enhanced if you read both of these books either prior to or during the session. Although this session is focused on married couples, it is applicable to anyone (married, single, young or old) wanting to have a better understanding of the fascinating qualities that God has instilled in men and women.

The Marriage Enrichment class consists of ten two hour sessions with each including:

·        a brief overview of material from The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

·        a video presentation from Love and Respect

·        men and women splitting into separate discussion groups to discuss the material

·        a conclusion with men and women reuniting for a group discussion.


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