Daily Devotions

Living Faith is Free

“So, speak and so act as those who are measured by the law of liberty.”James 2:12


Living Faith is Free

“So, speak and so act as those who are measured by the law of liberty.”James 2:12

 Does the phrase “law of liberty” seem like an oxymoron? When James writes it, does it sound like “Jumbo Shrimp”? 

 Law of Liberty—Law of Freedom   What?

It might help to consider the difference between internal motivation and external pressure. 

When I was young my Mom would tell me to go give Aunt Marge a hug. I would do what she told me to do because I was obedient (most of the time). I did what she directed me to do because otherwise she would ask me, “why didn’t you do it?” (That’s External Motivation)

When I got older, my affection for Aunt Marge was motivated not so much by my Mother’s expectation, but rather by the relationship which we shared. My Aunt loved me and I loved her back. So when we saw each other I freely gave her a hug. (Both at hello and goodbye!)  There was a real “freedom” in my affection for her. I didn’t care for her because I was forced to in any way. I responded to her because we shared love.

So maybe the “law of liberty” to which James refers is more about the Internal Motivation and freedom we have to love. The Law of Liberty is about reflecting the love of God which has been given freely to us in the first place. 

Jesus said, “love one another.” In John 15 He called it a “new command” when He said, “love one another as I have loved you.” 

(verse 12) Examine your life and consider this: is Jesus’ command an External Pressure or an Internal Motivation? Is it the difference between “I have to hug my Aunt,” and “I want to hug my Aunt”?


Free to Love.

Free to Give.

Free to Share.

Free to Serve.


The “Law of Freedom” motivates our living faith.


Open our Hearts, Lord. Open us from the inside by Your overwhelming love and mercy so that we may live out Your Grace in our words and actions.