Learning Hour - A Place for Everyone

Grace Place - 4 to 3rd Grade

Our younger disciples break into smaller age groups to discuss Bible studies, make crafts, sing songs and play games all to learn more about God and our lives as His children.

MERGE - 4th & 5th Grade

Fourth and fifth grade is an exciting time in the lives of young people and MERGE reflects this in the energy and inquisitiveness that abounds each time this group gathers. This group meets weekly during the Learning Hour but they also host monthly events such as service projects, visitng waterparks, bowling and more!

FUSE - 6th-12th Grade

FUSE meets in the youth room each week during the Learning Hour... but each week is something new.  Guest speakers from inside and outside of the congregation come in to speak to the youth.  Some weeks a person may be sharing their faith journey and they next may be on first aid training.  But no matter what, there is bound to be laughter.


Our youth also meet each Sunday from noon to 2pm for God Squad, our youth group.

Parent Connection

The Parent Connection class is a group of parents who gather each week to explore resources to help them grow as Christians and as parents.  The group shares their experiences, both joyful and tearful, so that we, as parents can grow from each other.


The class is currently listening to the "Growing With" podcast each week and sharing their insights.


You can catch up on the podcasts here! 

Pastor's Forum

The Pastor's Forum explores a variety of topics from Scripture to faith practices to service to the world.  The topics tend to cover four to six weeks before exploring a new area. 


All ages are welcome to share in the learning and the relationships that this group has to offer.  They are currently reading "Discernement: Reading the Signs of Daily Life" by Henri Nouwen.