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Living Lord Endowment Fund

"We are given the things of this world in trust from God and therefore are called upon to return a share to God".

Loren Mead, author of Financial Meltdown in the Mainline

What is the Living Lord Endowment Fund and how does it help?

The Living Lord Endowment Fund is a sustainable source of income for our church, our youth programs, our community, and those in need nearby and around the world.

A principal base is collected and invested.  Each year the Endowment Fund Committee disperses the earnings gained from the investments for the missions of the church.

Supporting our Endowment Fund is one of the best ways to ensure our church's mission and vision will thrive for years to come.

How can I support the Living Lord Endowment Fund?

You can contribute any amount at any time in your life.

You can give with:

1) Cash or markeable securities

2) Bequest in your will or estate plan

3) Charitable Gift Annuities

4) Life insurance or IRA Beneficiary

5) Qualified distributions from your IRA


All donations to the Living Lord Endowment Fund are a charitable donation.  A donation can also possibly reduce or eliminate Federal Capital Gains Taxes for your heirs.