The God Squad

Looking for a place to hang out with some fun people each week? 

Wanting a place to talk openly about what's going on in your world?

Need to get some questions about your faith answered?

Come hang with the God Squad!

Our youth ministry group meets each Sunday for lunch, games, activities, and conversations. It is open to all students in middle school and high school. You can even bring your friends! You never quite know what we may be doing each week. We may play some GaGa Ball, Jungle Pong, or a new game altogether.

Come join in the fun and meet a few new friends!

Confirmation Class

As Lutherans, we have a strong belief that our young people should be grounded in their faith and have the opportunities to come to understand the basic tenets we adhere to: The Apostle's Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments. While learning these bits of knowledge, we also feel it is critical for them to become part of a community of believers.

To do this, we spend each week in large group learning sessions and small group time. This gives them a chance to learn together and then explore the ideas deeper with their friends. 

Confirmation is for 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students.  This 3-year program covers the basics outlined above as well as a look abt rites and sacraments, Martin Luther's life, and what it means to be Lutheran. We bring all this information together with a focus on three questions:

  • What does the Bible say?
  • What does Luther say?
  • How does this work in our modern lives?

If you have questions about the program or wish to enroll your student, contact Chad Ryberg.