Gathered around

the Table and the Word.

We commit ourselves to sharing the gospel message that God has acted on our behalf through Jesus Christ, the “good news of God” and that through the Holy Spirit we can experience a life-transforming relationship with God.


For thousands of years, Christians gather on the Lord’s Day to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. We believe there is a need in each person’s heart that finds nourishment in times of vital, meaningful worship. At Living Lord, we honor the ancient Christian heritage of following a liturgical pattern of worship with the following elements present: Gathering, Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Meal, and Sending.

Worship Times

Wednesday @ 6:00pm

Weekends can be busy times with activities, travel, and work.  Our Wednesday service offers a 30-minute respite where you can join in worship and the Word.

Saturday @ 5:30pm

Saturday evening worship is filled with contemporary music that bolsters the message of the week. This service offers a smaller church feel with a family feel.

Sunday @ 8:30am

Our traditional music worship service deeply rooted in our liturgical history as Lutherans. The Living Lord Choir and the Handbell Choir share their gifts of praise nearly every week.

Sunday @ 11:00am

Our Sunday contemporary music service is full of energy. In addition, we offer Children's Church during the service so our young ones can worship in their own way!

Our Nursery is staffed for all of our  Saturday and Sunday services and is available for children 3 and under. 

Catch us online!

We know that life is busy.

Come share in song, liturgy, and the Word each week with us. We live stream all of our weekend worship services!